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The City Academy, Hackney

All Security Solutions were contacted by The City Academy to undertake an upgrade to the CCTV system. The school was built in 2009, however the equipment that was in place was very poor and unuseable for the staff. They had trouble in searching the playback for incidents, trouble with all cameras online and trouble with the system constantly crashing.

We undertook the project with these 3 main factors in place while providing a state of the art HD IP PoE CCTV System. We provided a very user friendly HD solution which saved the school 50% when we were compared to alternative companies.

The school CCTV upgrade has been completed in phases, this has worked very well with pricing for the school. With this in mind, the initial installation of the NVR which has been specificed  by All Security Solutions is sufficient for additional cameras at a later date. A futureproof system which has been recommended.


The CCTV System

  • 1x CCTV NVR
  • 41x Internal PoE 1080P HD Cameras