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Door Entry Systems in Essex

Being able to control who is allowed to enter your building is an essential component of security for your Essex property. Whether you’re an apartment owner wanting to buzz someone into your communal building, or a school needing to grant access to a parent visiting during the day, there are numerous reasons why door entry systems in Essex should be a priority concern when configuring your security setup.

Why Invest in Essex Door Entry Systems?

Traditionally, keys and locks have acted as the main point of access control for allowing someone into a building. You could either arrange for someone to ring the door and unlock it for them if you recognise their voice or can see them through a spyhole. Alternatively, if you’re not present then you might provide someone like a cleaner with a key that would grant them access at any time.

There are numerous problems with the traditional set-up – firstly, with key access, there’s no way of monitoring who has gained access to a building and at what time they entered or exited the premises. Potentially your keyholders could have copies of the key made and distributed to unknown third parties. Finally, in scenarios where you need to rely on being present to let someone into the building, this may not always be feasible or convenient.

Thankfully, door entry systems Essex wide can secure all types of domestic or commercial properties in the county, maximising both the security of your building as well as providing the utmost in reassurance.

Types of Door Entry Systems in Essex

Depending on your requirements, All Security Solutions are able to offer a comprehensive range of door entry systems in Essex.

  • Audio Entryphone Installation Essex – this product features high clarity speakers and microphones enabling easy communication and identification. The audio version of our Entryphone installation Essex system is ideal for home or small businesses with a single point of access.
  • Video Door Entry Systems Essex – this system is a step up from the audio model, providing a clear image of the person who wishes to gain access. Once identification has been achieved, the product comes with a door release mechanism to allow the visitor into the building.
  • Keypad Essex Door Entry Systems – ideal for use when visits need to be formally logged, and potentially when you need to grant greater access control to a building. For example, if an employee should be allowed to enter only certain zones of the premises. An added benefit is that codes can be changed regularly, or cards and fobs redistributed when required which is cheaper and more convenient than changing the locks.

Entryphone Installation Essex Providers

When selecting engineers for your door entry systems installation in Essex, All Security Solutions are the perfect provider to secure your premises. With experience spanning 30 years and our own in-house engineers to complete the work and aftercare, you can be assured that you’re in the hands of professionals. We’re able to visit residential or commercial premises located anywhere in Essex and can offer a full range of door entry systems to meet your requirements. Whether you’re looking to select BPT intercoms which can suit any door entry scenario, or AES Wireless systems which can be operated if you’re at home or even travelling abroad, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our door entry systems are priced from as little as £399 + VAT, but for a more accurate quote for your specific setup, we can provide you with a free quote and customised advice. Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable security professionals today – call us on 0800 772 0323 and we’ll be happy to help.

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