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Access Control Systems in Essex

Access control is essential to protect your Essex-based business. By securing the building, knowing who has been granted access to it, as well as tracking the movements of everyone inside, you’ll not only be looking after your personnel, but equally you’ll be protecting the assets, reputation and long-term future of your business.

As the premier choice in access control installers in Essex, All Security Solutions are able to work on any scale of project, whether that be for single door access control in your Essex premises, stretching to a multi door project spanning several sites across the county or even further afield.

How Do Access Control Essex Systems Work?

All Security Solutions will work with the customer on a budget that suits them, to find the best access control unit that suits the particular scenario.

Organisations have varying needs and your access control installers in Essex will recommend the most appropriate solution. These can either be based around a PC setup, or else operated from a standalone control system. Typically, we work using systems such as Honeywell, ACT, TDSi and Paxton, but we’re not limited to these brands. Our access control systems Essex wide are highly flexible and can be configured based on various time restrictions and of course to lock down particular high-risk areas of a site, allowing only authorised personnel to gain access.

All employees and visitors to your building will be issued with a key card or fob which they simply swipe against the door’s keypad to allow it to open. Our doors are built with incredibly powerful electromagnets which cannot be overridden – the only way to gain access through the door is when an authorised key card or fob is recognised on the keypad.

Our Access Control Systems Essex Products Put Safety First

We always put safety before security, so in the event of an emergency such as a fire alarm being triggered, your access controllers in Essex will have configured the systems to be released, allowing all occupants to exit the building safely without restriction. At all other times, your building will be completely secure. We’ll work with you to organise who requires access to which areas and how you can go about organising the building into zones.

With our access control systems Essex products, you can be reassured that only authorised employees or visitors are able to roam freely around the areas you have designated for them. Of course, your access control lists can easily be changed as you promote individuals or else change the layout of your operations. The flexibility of our systems makes it easy for access control to scale up or down along with the needs of your business.

Cost-Effective Approach to Access Control Essex

In the event that someone has lost their key card or fob, or if you believe there is the potential for it to have been stolen, then it’s important that your employees report the access card as missing immediately. This will allow the card to be deactivated to prevent it unauthorised access being granted to anyone. A new activated card can easily be issued. When a person leaves the organisation, it is simple to deactivate their card, making our access control Essex systems highly flexible for companies based across the county.

If your Essex-based business is in need of access control to safeguard your business premises along with your employees and visitors, then contact our access control installers in Essex team today on 0800 772 0323.

Our access control products start from just £399 + VAT and we can work with you to find a cost-effective yet highly secure solution to meet your needs.

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