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Fire Alarm Systems in London

All Security Solutions are professional fire alarm installers in London, who install and maintain a wide range of industry-leading fire alarm and safety systems.  We are

BAFE certified company to ensure we meet all legal and insurance requirements within the fire alarm industry.

All of our fire alarm installations and life safety systems are designed in accordance with the latest British Standards and building control requirements. Our key focus as a company is

you the client, to provide a solution to protect your family, business, property and assets. We cover Fire Alarm installations in London and surrounding counties.

Fire Alarm Installers in London

All Security Solutions provide a versatile and flexible range of fire alarm installations. From fire alarm systems to voice alarms, we can meet any fire detection requirement and provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for all clients.

An effective fire protection system not only protects your home or business from fire damage, but it can also save the lives of your loved ones of employees.

In an emergency, you need to identify a fire quickly and efficiently. This will minimise damage, and more importantly save lives. Fire puts your business, customers and employees at risk. We aim to provide the solution to keep all risks to a minimum.

Bespoke and Branded Fire Alarm Systems Available

We will be with you every step of the way to build a system together and educate you with the right tools to prevent any accidents which may occur.

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. We offer a full range of fire alarms, wireless fire alarms and life safety systems in London, from small conventional fire alarm systems to large multi-linked addressable fire alarm systems. We have full knowledge on brands such as Advanced, Ziton, C-Tec, Kentec, Gent, and Baldwin Boxall.

Fire Alarm Systems Available in London

Here at All Security Solutions, we provide an extensive range of fire alarm systems, fitted by our highly experienced and coordinated technical team. Please see below our list of fire alarm systems available to you, including conventional fire alarm installations, disabled refugee installations and voice alarms.

If you’re still unsure on which service would be the most beneficial one for your property or business, please contact us today for a FREE and no obligation quote and one of the team will be able to assist you.


How do fire alarm systems work?

Fire alarm systems use a control panel unit which is linked to individual smoke detectors placed around your domestic or commercial building. If smoke sets off the detector unit, this will feed back to your main fire system control panel. Depending on the type of fire alarm system that you’ve chosen, your control panel will then provide you with key information about the location of the suspected fire, so that you’re able to pass this on to the fire brigade, as well as making evacuation arrangements for anyone who may be in the vicinity of the fire.

Fire alarm systems are either known as ‘conventional’ or ‘addressable’. Conventional fire alarm systems are considered to be the more basic model and are appropriate in smaller buildings including domestic settings. When a fire breaks out, an alert will be fed back to the control panel which will tell you which ‘zone’ the emergency is taking place in. However, it will not tell you exactly which smoke detector has been triggered, unlike addressable fire alarm systems which provide this advanced detail. Addressable fire alarms are better suited to largescale environments including shopping centres or hospitals.

Our expert fire alarm installation specialists have an excellent knowledge of systems such as Advanced, Ziton, C-Tec, Kentec, Gent and Baldwin Boxall but are happy to work with any systems in the market.

Each building layout and functionality is entirely different, which is why our team of fire alarm installers will visit your site and conduct an extensive assessment before making recommendations about the best choice of fire alarm system for your premises.

Fire detection and life safety is absolutely critical which is why we create bespoke solutions to ensure the best protection for all occupants of your building. Sometimes a small standalone conventional fire alarm system will be sufficient, but in other situations we may recommend that a multilinked addressable system is the safest option. We can also link in disabled refuge installations, toilet alarms and voice alarms as required.

Conventional Fire Alarm Installations

We have a team of conventional fire alarm installers for domestic homes, small shops and offices to medium sized buildings. Conventional fire alarm systems are a cost-effective way to draw early attention to the start of a fire.

Detection devices are installed on an area basis. This will indicate an LED light (Zone) on the fire alarm control panel which will determine the area of activation to be investigated upon a fire activation making it easier for the user/fire brigade to source the activation of the fire alarm.


Addressable Fire Alarm Installations  

Addressable fire alarm systems, also referred to as intelligent systems, are generally more advanced and capable of protecting more complex environments than conventional fire alarm systems. Their flexibility, information storage, networking and programming capacity make them the perfect solution where fire detection and life safety are paramount and also where a tailored solution is required.

Addressable fire alarm systems have the benefit of easily adding devices to an existing system. These systems are favoured where the environment to be protected is of a larger scale.

Addressable systems are much more efficient in high volume of public occupancy or traffic such as hospitals, shopping malls and schools and care homes. An addressable fire alarm control panel can communicate with all fire detection devices, gathering information including device number, device location and status of device.

Should any issues be indicated the fire alarm control panel will raise an alarm and also display a pre-programmed message on the control panel stating the precise location of the activated device, therefore indicating to the user exactly where a fire may have started.

To ensure an addressable fire alarm system remains in good working order, it is recommended within BS 5839 that the system is subject to six monthly servicing and maintenance encompassing all devices within the system over the course of a year. All Security Solutions offer a convenient call out service to ensure continued operation of your fire alarm system.


Disabled Refuge Installations

All Security Solutions install a wide range of disabled refuge products in accordance with the latest British Standards. Disabled refuge units (also referred to as ‘remotes’ or ‘outstations’) are one part of an ‘Emergency Voice Communication’ (EVC) system and are typically mounted in ‘disabled refuge areas’.

All disabled refuge units are designed to provide two-way hands-free communication between the occupier of a disabled refuge area and the person (or persons) operating the ‘control panel’. They are designed for use in an emergency when the evacuation of a building is required – such as during a fire.

This provides direct communication with the operator to vacate in a safe place in which a person can wait for help during the evacuation of a building.

Disabled Toilet Alarm Installations

All Security Solutions offer a wide range of standalone or network Disabled toilet alarms in accordance with the latest British standards. These can be interlinked with disabled refuge panels or sit direct on their own intelligent controller which can be installed in reception or building managers office to provide notification of what toilet alarm has been activated.

Voice Alarms - PAVA

All Security Solutions offer a wide range of bespoke voice alarms designed and installed in accordance with the latest BS 5839 regulations. So what is a Public Address & Voice Alarm (PAVA)?

PAVA systems are designed to be used as part of the life safety system strategy throughout buildings, shopping centres, schools, hospitals etc for general day to day announcements, or to use to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency. Highly integrated with addressable fire alarm systems to ensure safety at all times.

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